Our History

Providing over 100 years of veterinary care in Glasgow

On May 13th 1905, The dwelling house ‘Nithsdale’ and surrounding grounds sited at 1 Brackenbrae Road, Bishopbriggs, was originally bought by our founding father Mr David Imrie, Veterinary Surgeon of Glasgow, from Mr Alexander McNeil, butter and egg merchant of Monkland Street, Glasgow and so commenced the long and lasting link with the above address with ‘the vets in Bishopbriggs.’

David Imrie travelled each morning by pony and trap into Glasgow to his farrier’s premises near the High Street where he treated the various heavy draught horses which worked within the city at the time. In the afternoons on the return journey he would visit his farm clients in the surrounding countryside, and the dairy cows which were to be found in premises at dairies within the city limits.

Imrie employed Robert “Bob” Ross, an Irishman from the Isle of Magee in Northern Ireland, who had worked as an assistant during his student days at the veterinary college in Buccleugh Street in Glasgow and on completion of his studies, joined the practice as a vet with Imrie.

During and immediately after the Second World War

The practice flourished and as veterinary science developed, so the methods for successfully treating all animals, but in particular farm animals, progressed rapidly. Those of you who can remember the James Herriot television series “All creature Great & Small ” will have an idea of how things were developing at this time.

Part of the buildings we occupy today were used during the war years to house a cow and hens to provide milk and eggs for the household – quite appropriate since it was originally owned by a butter and eggs merchant.

60s through to the 90s

The practice became known as Ross and Bickerton when Tony Bickerton, a local Bishopbriggs boy, joined the practice as a veterinary assistant and became a partner in 1964.

Joining Ross & Bickerton, Mr Duncan Cameron and Mr Alistair McInnes joined the practice as veterinary assistants in 1976 and on Bob Ross's retirement became partners in 1979 and 1981 respectively.

Alistair's wife, Dorothy, intially joined the practice in 1985 for a few hours to help grow the family centred busines but quickly became a full time member of staff with Alistair often bringing some clients home over night "to keep an extra eye on them". As the practice grew the three partners maintained the Ross and Bickerton good reputation.

Upon Tony Bickerton retiring in 1990, the practice became known as “Bishopbriggs Vet Centre”. As surburia expanded, so did the practice to include small companion animals and pets. Family was important to both Cameron and McInnes and cared for the local clients who's pets were important members of their family.
In keeping with tradition and strong local ties, Alister took a young school boy, Henry Braid, under his wing in 1991. Despite some harsh lessons, including a calf bite, Henry continued his work experience until he qualified and joined the practice officially as a veterinary surgeon in 1999.


2000 saw Duncan Cameron retire and subsequently Alistair and Dorothy, as husband and wife became partners in the business. In 2004 the practice expanded, with the opening of the branch in Chryston, and consequentially became known as Bishopbriggs and Chryston Vet Centres”. The same year Henry Braid became a partner.

In 2015 Allistair & Dorothy McInnes retired, leaving the practice in the capable hands of partners Henry and wife, Jennifer Braid. Chryston Veterinary centre, fondly known as the little sister of the two branches, grew up with a large expansion of facilities and services completed in Autumn 2016. 

The entire team here at Bishopbriggs and at our branch surgery in Chryston strive to continue the tradition of friendly, efficient and professional veterinary services for many years to come so the “The Bishopbriggs Vets” continue to be the first port of call for any of the sick or injured animals in our area.